Executive Assistant

We’re looking for an assistant to the founder and CEO. Candidates need to be based in or around Berlin, Germany.

At Wizard on Demand, we help leading software companies get more customers by publishing and promoting in-depth technical articles.

We’re looking for an assistant to the founder and CEO. Our founder is currently in charge of multiple functions including sales, marketing, and hiring. As the company scales, we need the CEO to focus on maximising success in those functions, and the full focus for him is only possible if the assistant can take over some of his current day-to-day responsibilities.

The tasks for the role include:

  • Schedule appointments with multiple participants.
  • Take notes in meetings, transcribe recorded meetings.
  • Write and send emails and letters in German to institutions like Pension Insurance.
  • Make phone calls in German and English.
  • Manage small projects, for example, coordinate with a Tax Advisor to deliver documents on time.

What we offer for this position

  • Flexible working hours. You can complete the work at your own schedule, provided that you are available for important meetings and calls. We’re looking for candidates with 25-40h/week availability.
  • Work from home, with one in-person meetup per week.
  • A multinational team that’s professional, respectful, and kind.
  • Autonomy. We encourage creative problem-solving. If you have ideas and suggestions, you’re welcome to bring them to the table and help try them out.
  • Be a part of an innovative, fast-moving company at the intersection of writing, marketing, and technology.

Key requirements

  1. Based in Berlin, Germany or within 1h travel time, with a good understanding of local daily life and institutions.
  2. Native or near-native German skills.
  3. 2-5 years experience working as an assistant, project manager, in operations, or in a similar role.
  4. Organised and proactive.
  5. Tech-savvy - you need to be comfortable with tools like Slack, Google Drive, Asana, and other similar tools.

Application questions

Please answer these in the form below in order to apply.

  • Please describe your experience as an assistant, project manager, in operations, or in a similar role.
  • How long have you been living in Germany? What’s your German level?
  • What questions do you have about the role?

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