Project Manager

We are looking for a project manager to join our team. You will manage content creation projects for our clients. We are looking for 20 hours a week that can increase for the right candidate.

At Wizard on Demand, we create technical articles for software companies around the world. We have a client list that includes household names in tech. Wizard on Demand is a 100% remote-only company. We have 10 staff currently based in Europe and North America and we accept applications globally. Your timezone needs to align with our team in Europe (CET).

The work you’ll do with us

The Wizard on Demand technical article production process.

You’ll be working as the project manager to deliver articles that are written on software topics. These articles are written by people with computer science knowledge and are regularly read by developers, product managers, data analysts, and CTOs.

Your job will involve:

  • Planning, organising, and implementing all parts of the content creation process.
  • Managing the assignments and schedules for our small team of writers.
  • Improving on existing systems, processes, and automations whenever possible.
  • Liaising with existing clients over Zoom calls to ensure that expectations are met and to adapt to changing needs.

Why us?

  1. Wizard on Demand has been creating content since 2018. We work with 5-10 clients at a time and create content in different parts of the software industry.
  2. The team works around an efficient and supportive structure which is permanently evolving to create a more productive and happier work environment where creativity is encouraged.
  3. Work alongside a great team of writers, subject matter experts, and people who are passionate about great writing. You’ll get to see the team of writers grow while helping to explain new technologies to the world.
  4. Contribute to creating better know-how on the web with amazing content that inspires.
  5. Be valued for your ideas and contributions.
  6. In the project manager role, you will have the option to grow and develop your skills and responsibility with time.
  7. You will be expected to be ready to develop on your existing skill set with training and development where needed.

What is it like to work with us?

Watch our recruiter Ryan and our founder Alexey discuss the Wizard on Demand company culture and the basics of how we work.

Our tools

We use Slack, Asana, Zoom, Google Docs, Excalidraw, and Figma.

Some experience with Airtable is preferred, but not essential.

What you need for us to hire you

  • Experience of running projects with small teams.
  • Knowledge of how to manage a project in a remote-only environment.
  • An interest in growing as a team member and developing your skills to the highest level.

Working hours and time zone requirements:

  • You will need to synchronise with our team in Western Europe.
  • There is not a strict working day, but you will be in regular communication with the team and will need to be flexible when attending team meetings every 4-6 weeks.

How to apply?

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