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We help deep tech and developer-stack companies create persistent differentiation through hyper-specific technical content marketing campaigns.

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Marketers need to reach and build long-term trust with technical audiences

Marketers with deep tech and developer-stack companies know that writing in the form of blog posts, landing pages, documentation, or feature walkthroughs is important for reaching stakeholders from developers to CTOs and building trust.

However, when they try to produce technical writing and content marketing materials themselves or with an agency partner, the result is often the opposite of trust-building, for one of the following reasons:

  • The content is too high-level and doesn’t “hit the mark”.
  • The content gets traffic but doesn’t result in conversions, sign-ups or sales.
  • It’s difficult to prove ROI and justify a content marketing program in front of leadership.

How Wizard on Demand helps deep tech and developer-stack marketers

We address these challenges by working closely with a small number of deep tech and developer stack companies and making the effort to understand their product, audience, specific challenges, and overall strategy. We then help them by:

showing where a company stands on the content marketing front compared to the industry leaders and competitors, and what’s already working in the field;

discovering topics that technical audiences want to hear about;

creating world-class content marketing campaigns, where we take on anywhere from 0% to 100% of the work;

actively promoting content to the right audiences, rather than waiting for them to discover it.

Our work

800% organic traffic growth and thousands of GitHub stars

We helped deepset, a natural language processing company, promote their open-source framework, Haystack, and increase relevant organic traffic to their website.

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A chart showing an upwards trend in Google Search traffic for our client, a growth marketing agency.

3x organic traffic growth for a growth marketing and analytics agency

We helped an agency in the growth marketing and analytics space grow organic traffic for key industry terms. Data source: Google Search Console

A chart showing an upwards trend in organic traffic via Ahrefs for our client in the QA space.

800% organic traffic growth for a product-led SaaS in the software quality assurance space

We helped a company in the software quality assurance space grow organic traffic for key industry terms. Data source: Ahrefs

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