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We create and execute content marketing strategies that help SaaS companies like Serverless and CodeSandbox
drive more traffic to their website and get more users.

Do you give your prospective customers the chance to find your product or service?

There are hundreds — if not thousands — of people out there looking for what your business has to offer and who would buy your services and products immediately if they could find you.

Everyone, including developers, product managers, data analysts, and CTOs, is looking for a suitable answer or a suitable provider for almost every need or problem online.

We help you and your company be found by those searching for it.

We support B2B SaaS companies in identifying and responding to inquiries from prospective customers in a targeted manner through content marketing.

We help you gain massively more attention, secure the competitiveness of your business, and get new qualified sales leads with the right strategy.

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The results that we’ve generated for our customers

Many software companies spend valuable time and resources on content that never drives any results. We do the opposite — we focus on generating traffic and conversions through content marketing. Here are a few examples of results that we’ve achieved for our clients.

2.5x increase in organic traffic for an EdTech startup

We helped an education technology client increase their organic traffic by more than 2.5x through content strategy and content creation aimed at developers and data analysts.

800% organic traffic growth for a developer-focused B2B SaaS company

We helped a B2B SaaS company in the software testing space target developers and quality assurance professionals through content strategy and content creation.

A 2x increase in organic traffic for a specialised topic for a major cloud provider

We helped a major cloud infrastructure provider 2x the amount of organic traffic to a section of their website aimed at a specialised developer and engineering manager audience.

About Alexey Klochai

Alexey is the Founder and CEO of Wizard on Demand.

Alexey has direct experience of building trust with developers through his work as a Senior Software Engineer and Product Manager at the unicorn startup CircleCI ($1.7B valuation). CircleCI’s product is used by 800K+ developers at companies like Nextdoor, Kickstarter, and Coinbase.

He now helps B2B SaaS companies in acquiring new users and getting more traffic through content marketing that developers actually find trustworthy.

Alexey Klochai on LinkedIn

Most technical content doesn’t generate any meaningul results

Many software companies spend valuable time and resources on technical content that never drives any results. There are three main reasons why most technical content doesn’t go anywhere.

Content that doesn’t solve readers’ problems

Many teams don’t understand what their customers’ pain points are, and so they create generic tutorials. Needless to say, this content never generates results.

Lack of coherent strategy

Marketing teams prioritise content production and forget about strategy. Their content gets no traffic and therefore can’t generate any results.

Not enough alignment between content strategy and company goals

Content strategy frequently exists in a vacuum without incorporating company goals. The result is lack of meaningful results.

We create and execute strategies that drive results

We base all strategies in case studies of companies like yours that have seen significant results from content marketing.

Four pillars of effective technical content marketing

Proven by tens of client engagements

Understanding your customers’ needs

We interview your customers and understand their pain points in detail.

Measurement and improvement

We measure what works and what doesn’t and double down on things that bring early results.

Solid strategy based on proven methods

We develop a strategy that has been proven to generate results for companies like yours.

World-class execution

We create world-class technical content according to the develop strategy through our reliable content creation process.

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