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Technical content marketing and technical writing

Technical content marketing is the act of ideation, creation, promotion, and measurement of technical content, such as articles, blog posts, ebooks, and other materials aimed at a technical audience.

To be sustainable, your content marketing initiatives must generate specific results such as conversions, increase in market share, and lower customer acquisition cost. Sadly, most content initiatives today don’t achieve these goals, usually because:

1 - Your campaign doesn’t incorporate people with suitable experience, like technical writers, editors, and illustrators.

2 - Your content marketing doesn’t have a sustainable process in place.

3 - Your content marketing doesn’t include adequate quality control, so you are more likely to suffer from poor quality output and results.

Because companies underestimate the importance of solving these issues, they either don’t get the results they were hoping for, or waste time and resources to reach the same result.

Here are some examples of failed technical content marketing initiatives that we see in the industry:

Example 1: A company with a technical software product does content marketing without the right technical expertise (someone without tech knowledge is writing).

Outcome: They publish some posts, but they see no change in metrics such as traffic and conversions after 6 months. Reason: the articles are too high-level, lack depth and don’t “hit the mark” for the target audience. Time and budget are wasted, and the project needs to be scrapped and re-done from scratch.

Example 2: A similar story — a company does technical content marketing without having a qualified technical writer on the project. Unlike in example 1, they don’t even get to the point of publishing the content.

Outcome: The leadership team flags the quality of writing as unsuitable during publishing, and doesn’t allow them to publish more until all issues are fixed. Months of additional work ensue. The VP of Marketing needs to be hands-on to fix everything. The original writers don’t have the right combination of technical expertise and awareness of business goals to address issues flagged by leadership.

Example 3: A company invests in technical content marketing, hires an adequate writing team, but doesn’t figure out a promotion plan.

Outcome: The company publishes content and gets a little traction, but the investment doesn’t seem to pay off. The company then decides that content marketing doesn’t work for them. The company then cuts most content projects and cuts budget, and the VP of Marketing driving the initiative loses stakeholder trust.

Example 4: A company creates some initial content, but the technical expert doing the work has other priorities — creating content is an additional task to their main role as a developer.

Outcome: High-quality results cannot be sustainably produced because of the limit on the expert’s availability. Hiring a dedicated person to take over the content production role takes a long time because of the requirement to write well in addition to understanding the subject matter in depth.

While all of these cases might at first seem different, there are some core underlying factors  that cause most of the problems. We have designed our technical content marketing process to address these core issues rather than deal with short-term symptoms.

Our technical content marketing and technical writing process

We address situations like these examples using our proven technical content marketing and technical writing service. Here is how our process is structured:

The key steps of the Wizard on Demand technical content marketing and technical writing process.

As a client, you enjoy five critical and high-value benefits of our technical content marketing process:

First, all our writers have a technical background — either via formal education, learning through experience, or both. This ensures that we’re able to create content of the level that your audience requires, especially if you’re marketing to advanced or expert users.

Second, we invest effort to understand the details of your specific product or service. To achieve this, we rely on interviews with your executives, employees, and end users. We also learn directly from product demos, documentation, and playing around with the product or service itself.

Third, we involve technical stakeholders from your team in the content creation process, while reducing the time required from your side to an optimal amount. This makes your leadership team feel heard and secure in what we’re publishing, and as a result they feel more comfortable putting their voice in the industry behind the content we help produce. Because of the additional trust, we get to the core of what is actually important for technical leaders in the content initiatives, and address that in our work. And, we’re able to maintain a quality standard — so the VP of Marketing can go and have the vacation that they’ve earned while we work with the rest of their team to push the content initiatives forward at the highest level.

Fourth, we bring you a team with a repeatable, scalable structure. During our work on a client initiative, we are seamlessly able to add more people to the project if needed. If someone leaves your team, we bring the team member replacing them up to speed. If someone leaves our team (which is rare, but does happen), we bring them up to speed without your involvement.

Fifth, it doesn’t take months to hire us. We bring you a team that is already working well together and is ready to start as soon as possible. Also, we have clear and visible processes written down for your team to fully engage immediately with your new project. You can see tangible results in the first month of working with us.

Our results and measurements

For most of our clients, the success of a content marketing initiative usually means:

  • Generating leads or MQLs attributable to content published
  • Increasing the number of sign-ups or other conversion events
  • Increasing revenue
  • Landing high-value clients and contracts through inbound requests

We usually help increase organic traffic for clients by 3-8× per year. While we focus on growth, we don’t obsess over the organic traffic number in the same way many agencies do. Why? Because traffic by itself is a vanity metric, and trying to maximize traffic without increasing conversions and associated revenue creates the wrong incentive. After all, traffic is a proxy for what you really want: leads, sign-ups, and customer growth.

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