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It’s hard to get relevant feedback in the technology marketing space

Marketing leaders at technical companies need their technical articles, posts, and landing pages to resonate with technical audiences. However, not every VP or Director of Marketing has someone on their team who has the context and the bandwidth to provide trusted input on their writing from both marketing and technical side.

Not having any feedback results in marketers second-guessing themselves, delaying their work and making them less effective leaders.

We provide detailed, technical feedback on your (company’s) writing

We will review your technical article or document within 24 hours, excluding weekends, and provide detailed suggestions on how to improve it.

If it’s already great and can’t be improved, we’ll say so directly.

Examples of suggestions that we provide in a review:

What you can send for review:

Customer reviews… of our reviews

“The review Wizard on Demand did of our technical ebook was very thorough and full of great suggestions. Definitely worth talking to them if you're looking for a company that understands good storytelling AND has technical chops.”

Ophir Prusak, Director of Product Marketing at Flatfile

“Just a quick note to say thank you for your valuable feedback on the documents. Your insights were incredibly helpful.”

Sagar Kava, Co-founder & Growth lead at

This service is free, but it costs you money and time to deliver. Why is it free?

Three reasons:

  1. Some of the companies that take us up on the review offer later realize they need our services. We make money on the services (duh). Free reviews are a way to be remembered while also doing something that’s helpful for others.
  2. Reviews are a way for us to see what marketers in the industry are doing and learn from them.
  3. During the review process, we collect anonymized information that’s later helpful for putting together industry reports.

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