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Technical Content Consulting

Many developer-focused companies can’t make content marketing work for them, and they don’t quite understand why, or what to do about it.

Here are some example problems, based on client questions that we’ve solved in the past:

  • The CEO of a technical service provider says their website doesn’t generate conversions, even though the website is getting quite a bit of organic traffic for relevant technical terms.
  • A co-founder of a SaaS company struggles with getting the company’s site to rank for relevant terms in organic search, despite a regular content publishing schedule.
  • A Head of Demand Generation at a technical agency is getting traffic and conversions from organic sources, but is unsure how to scale the operation by 2× conversions per year, 5×, or 10× over the coming years.
  • A VP of Marketing at a developer-focused company feels like she lacks a coherent strategy for content that would combine the needs of marketing, sales, product, engineering, and people teams.
  • A Head of Marketing says her team lacks the desire, ideas, and time to write content — and so no content gets written or published.
  • Another Head of Marketing recognizes that his organization lacks a content publishing process, with things getting started but not finished.

These problems are varied, but frequently they all boil down to the same core issues: lack of clarity on the goals, lack of a suitable process to get to those goals, or lack of skills in people who are tasked with achieving those goals.

While it’s definitely possible to figure out what the issues are on your own, it might take months or years of experimentation and a lot of wasted effort to get to the right answer and unlock the next stage of growth.

We help you answer difficult questions around content marketing in days, not months.

Our technical content consulting process

We specialize in the developer-focused space, so we’re able to offer an external perspective on technical content marketing issues and offer proven solutions.

Here are some of the approaches that we use in the process of answering questions during technical content consulting engagements:

  • Interviews with founders, executives, team members, and customers. Through such interviews we help build a comprehensive picture of customer personas that’s grounded in information taken directly from people and the positioning of the technical product or service in the space, and are able to point out any inconsistencies.
  • Analysis of marketing, sales, product, and growth metrics to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Benchmarking against proprietary metrics and frameworks that we’ve built over the years in the industry.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Reviews of existing content and website pages, evaluation of user experience, and organization and moderation of user experience (UX) research sessions.
Technical content consulting building blocks.
The building blocks of the Wizard on Demand technical content consulting service.

Our success criteria and results

A successful technical content consulting engagement must remove roadblocks for developer-focused companies to use technical content as a scalable, sustainable engine for customer acquisition, conversion, retention, and referral.

However, the specific outcomes might vary depending on the client. Here are some of the outcomes of successful consulting engagements:

  • We identified core personas for a developer tooling startup, and helped clarify the pain points and the hopes and dreams of their core prospect group. We used these in all our marketing initiatives for the company, and to create a content strategy.
  • We found content opportunities for a company with a technical SaaS product, generated ideas with their company’s unique perspective, and created materials to help their in-house writer produce content that works for their core audience.
  • We prioritized content marketing initiatives according to the client’s goals, timelines, and associated risk, and identified the opportunities that are most likely to succeed.
  • We discovered relevant publications for guest posting, and submitted guest post pitches in order to build the client’s authority in the space.

We provide recommendations that are independent from our other services. Clients that wish to use our other services to address issues we raise are welcome to do so, but it is not a requirement.

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If you’re interested in a meeting with us to discuss technical content marketing or technical writing work, you can book a time through the link below.

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